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Hello I'm Kathie 

I help small business women believe in their potential so they can live a life they love.

Working with me you will 

✔ Clarify your personal goals.

✔ Map out a clear business pathway. 

✔ Create business rituals that align with your ultimate goals in life.

Are you ready to take back control of your business

and your life and achieve more doing less?

Get started today.

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what my clients say


Thanks to Kathie, for re-engaging my mindset to deal with my business.  On the brink of giving up on a business that I have loved for 20 years, Kathie taught me some strategies to do re-ignited my passion for what I do, how to approach things in different mindset, and how to be accountable for the changes I make and follow through on them.  It was great to have someone so understanding of the challenges that I faced, and how I had manifested those challenges into the “too hard basket”.  With Kathie's help they are all broken down, and I have the strategies to cope with them, I am now on course for all smooth sailing!


Working with Kathie in the Masterclass was very motivational and inspiring. The process enabled me to reflect on my business as a whole,defining my purpose and my direction. 

Kathie has provided so much support and guidance, to build and grow my business in the direction that wanted.  Prior to sessions with Kathie, I was just working for the business, not working on the business. I can not recommend her services highly enough.


Kathie is a wealth of knowledge and experience and went above and beyond to ensure that I got the most out of her masterclass. She helped me reconnect with my business plan and strategies while providing extra resources and valuable business connections to help me continue to build my business and set me up for future success. I would highly recommend the “Rediscover your Business Masterclass” no matter what stage of business you’re at.

“If you want smart, practical and realistic business advice, I don’t think you will do any better than Kathie. I’ve known her for a very long time and I’m always impressed by both her humility and her ability to cut through clutter to get to the heart of the issue".

"Engaging Kathie is a very wise business move”. 

Andrew Griffiths, International Bestselling Author and Global Speaker



Being in business can be tough.

The bad news for most small businesses owners is it will get a lot tougher if they 

do not take the time to map out a clear business pathway. 

Are you ready to stop looking for short cuts and do the work? 

Are you ready to trust yourself and love the work that you do?

and more importantly

Are you ready to take action and pursue your goals with a single minded focus

that will lead you to the success that you are looking for?

Are you one of the small number of business people who are ready to find a new way forward,

honor your potential and have a desire to succeed.


Then, I would love to work with you.

Stay connected

Being in business can be lonely your family and friends do not get it. 

My place is a place to share stories, contribute, care about others, do business,

build friendships and be around people who have your back. 

It is about showing up, being around a bunch of people who have great skills

and more importantly, a place to build trust with each other.

By saying hello, you are a friend. 

We only say hello when a new Masterclass is launched or something really exciting is happening.

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AdvDip (Mgt)


CertIV Frontline Management

Standard Mental Health First Aider

A goal without a plan is just a wish